During a recent Consulting Conference, I realized there is a common dominator for the majority of us. We want to work to the best of our ability, and we want to be successful. But what I also realized is that we cannot be our best when we are exhausted.

Couple drinking coffee on the sofa. Take time to unplug and reboot.

We are constantly connected—our days are filled with noise and we rarely unplug. And I am just as guilty. Before my son went into the Navy, I rarely carried my cell phone with me. But once he left for Boot Camp, I started carrying my phone everywhere I went—and I mean everywhere. A few years later my daughter joined the Air Force and after about 10 years of being afraid of missing that call, text, or email, I found it almost impossible to leave my phone behind even for a couple of hours.

During this conference, I brought some of my family along and we left our devices in the hotel or in our bags. We had a great time, we felt refreshed, and believe it or not, the world didn’t end when we didn’t respond immediately to texts and emails.

Whether you are a dentist, hygienist, or a team member, it is important to come into work refreshed and recharged. And the way to do that is to unplug and reboot. At the end of the day, leave your work at work and do what you are passionate about. Live in the now, not the future or past. Try to unplug from everything—work, social media, television—and really relax. Take time for yourself, exercise, meditate, read a book, and enjoy your vacation days.

So many of us have FOMO (fear of missing out for anyone who isn’t a millennial. But seriously, your social media feeds will still be there. Watch the sunrise or sunset, take a walk on the beach or around the park and, no matter what you do, take time to look around and take it all in.

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