Offices often ask me whether or not they should set up fee schedules for insurance plans they participate with. As with most everything, there are pros and cons to consider, and there isn’t necessarily a right answer. But there is a process by which you can determine the best answer for you. 

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Some offices think that, by using insurance fee schedules, they won’t be able to track the difference between what they would have produced using the office fee amounts and what they got using the insurance fee schedule amounts. The good news is that Dentrix provides 3 simple and useful solutions for tracking these differences. 

  1. When you generate your Day Sheet, select “Compare to Fee Schedule.” The Day Sheet will show what you actually charged using the Insurance Fee Schedules, as well as add a line of comparison so you can see the amount you would have produced had you used your office fees for all patients on that day.
  2. You are also able to see the differences using the Utilization Report for Dental Insurance. The Selected Fee schedule should be the Office Fee Schedule. Then you will select the Transaction Amount in the “Compare Fee Schedule With” box. On this report, it will detail the difference between these fee schedules.
  3. You can also compare Office Fee Schedule amounts to the Insurance Fee Schedule amounts when presenting a treatment plan. When printing a patient’s Treatment Plan Case, select the “Compare to Fee Schedule” option and select the Office Fee schedule. This will show the patient the benefits of their plan and your willingness to participate in their plan.

There are several good reasons for wanting to track the differences in these numbers. Knowing Dentrix provides you the right tools for comparing and tracking is one advantage to utilizing Insurance Fee Schedules amounts with the plans you participate with.

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