Hygienist with patient

Have you ever walked into a dental or medical office, and the receptionist is so busy talking to another team member that they do not even acknowledge you? Or the reception area is cluttered with old, torn-up magazines and stained chairs that you are hesitant to sit on?

During my years as an in-office trainer and coach, I liked to show up unannounced to see how the office looked and how the staff would react. The cleanliness of an office from exterior to interior is very important. But since many offices have a back door that the doctors and staff use, the patient entrance can be inadvertently neglected. Live/dead bugs, cobwebs, peeling paint, and a buildup of leaves and dust at the door can have a patient second-guessing their dental visit before they even walk into the reception area. Remember: you cannot make a second first impression.

Tips to improve your customers’ experiences

  • Keep your exterior clean, freshly painted, landscaped, clear of trash, etc.
  • Welcome anyone coming through the front door, no matter what you are doing or how busy you are. Many times, I’ve gotten eye rolls or been flat-out ignored because the staff felt put out by an unexpected interruption.
  • Keep the reception area clean, uncluttered, and updated.
  • Always make eye contact.
  • Ask if there is anything you can get for a patient after you have their information updated. Offer water at a minimum.
  • Take the time to get to know your patients personally, and then ask them how they are doing.
    • Patient Notes is a great place to track this information; we used this for big upcoming vacations, major life events, etc.
  • Use scent-free options for cleaning supplies and other areas of the office, as many people are sensitive to strong smells.
  • See if there is anything you can do to make patients more comfortable while in the chair. Warm blankets, movies, music, etc., go a long way in making patients feel more relaxed.

The dental field is a unique industry where the patients are already looking for an excuse to run right back out your door. Take the time to make sure they feel welcomed into your practice.

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