As I coach dental teams on how to be more efficient and productive, I often hear comments like the following. “We’re so busy, we don’t know how we’ll have time to implement any new ideas or systems!”

I get it; I’ve worked in a busy dental office too. But you can be more efficient and productive during your day when you better utilize the tools Dentrix offers.

For example, let’s consider the daily task of filling gaps in your schedule. Regardless of which list you choose to work from (ASAP list, Unscheduled/Open list, Continuing Care list, and/or Treatment Manager), are you utilizing all the information Dentrix makes readily available? Dentrix has tools to help you minimize the number of calls you make and maximize the scheduling process.

Be more efficient and productive with Dentrix tools

A typical scenario in busy office may be something like this. You may frantically open your list of choice and simply start calling the first name listed. You ask the patient if they are available to come in today for their appointment. When you finally reach someone who says, “Yes, I can do that,” you quickly make the appointment and hang up the phone, eager to move on to fill the next opening.

Now comes the unfortunate realization that, due to inefficient review of the patient information you have at your fingertips (and accessible in a matter of seconds), you have just created a problem for your office team and/or the patient.

Be More Efficient and Productive with Dentrix

A more efficient way to help your team in this situation is to utilize the Family File in Dentrix. By using this feature while the patient on the phone, you would have identified pertinent information that matters such as:

  • Whether there is a balance on this patient’s account
  • How much of their insurance benefits have been met or other financial notes which necessitate discussing arrangements before further treatment
  • Notes that identify the patient’s preferred hygienist so you can make sure the appointment is scheduled with that hygienist. Or, to avoid an upset patient, to ask if the patient is okay with seeing someone else
  • Any medical alerts that need to be addressed, such as pre-medication or blood thinners
  • A recent referral to a specialist that needs to take place before you can schedule this appointment in your office
  • Any other family members that need an appointment so you can offer another one of your openings

While it might feel like you’re too busy to take any extra steps or learn to check extra information, in the long run, using Dentrix and its time-saving tools can help you be more efficient and productive—and keep your patients happy.

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