Let’s talk about the importance of tracking unscheduled treatment. Many offices I have consulted with and worked in have experienced thousands of treatment-plan dollars slip through the cracks.

Why are accepted treatment plan percentages so low? I quickly realized, when I moved from the back office as an assistant to the front as an office manager, that a breakdown in communication was to blame. Either the patients hear what they want to hear, or they don’t hear a clear message. The back office assumed the front emphasized the importance of scheduling their procedure to the patient. Similarly, the front office assumed the doctor had.

Dentist with patient

Every point of contact we have with our patients is an opportunity to build trust. Trust is essential to patients following through with your recommended dental treatment.

The doctor should stress the importance of what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and the importance of getting a treatment done in a timely manner. Any staff who interacts with the patient from that point should reinforce what the doctor went over to make sure the patient fully understands the need.

There are people who are only interested in patchwork dentistry. If you’re a comprehensive care dentist, those patients might not fit well into your practice. Be willing to let them go. There are also people who, for their own reasons, will delay or forgo the treatment you recommend. Be gentle with them. Explain what they need and what the benefits will be for them, but realize that it is their decision.

Using features like the Treatment Manager or Unscheduled Treatment Plan Report within your software will help you find unscheduled treatment. From there you can discuss, as a team, how to make sure current patients understand treatment plans and how to approach patients with unscheduled treatment plans.

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