What is your typical Monday like? Does it include a full schedule of patients, plus emergency patients who need to see the dentist immediately? Does someone on your team call in sick? Are there patients waiting to check in or out and even more on hold on the phone?

If your solution to getting on top of all this mayhem is to turn to a stack of sticky notes and frantically scribble messages for yourself and your team, you aren’t alone. We can all relate to those days. But even if you have the most advanced color-coded system of sticky notes on the planet (we’ve all been there), you still aren’t tackling things in the most efficient way.

Is this how you manage your office?

How can you really manage and get ahead of the chaos that can happen any day of the week? By learning to use the practice management software you’ve already invested in. While it’s there to make your life easier, our experience shows that most offices are only using 15-20% of their software.

In order to help you maximize the use of your practice management software (and minimize the use of your sticky-notes), we are excited to launch The Dentrix Coaching Corner blog!

Let’s start off with a few tips:

1. Follow the 1% rule: What if you made a 1% improvement today? We know it isn’t realistic to tackle all issues at once, so our blogs are created to provide short tips, lists, and snippets of information. Read one and focus on making that one change. When that’s done, move on to the next.

2. Keep at it. Transformation happens over time with small but significant adjustments. Over time, you’ll learn about the best practices and in-depth uses of Dentrix that can transform your practice.

3. Read through this blog and practice using the tips when you have time—that way you’ll be ready to use the system even when you’re short on time.

4. Feel free to disagree! Dentrix is built with flexibility that allows you to customize solutions that meet your needs. We’re just here to help along the way.

Welcome to The Dentrix Coaching Corner Blog. We look forward to visiting with you often.

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Tammy Barker is the Practice Development Sales Manager and a Senior Profitability Coach for Henry Schein One. Tammy is a proponent for more actionable data-led decision-making, which led her to develop the Dentrix Profitability Coaching Program as well as the Dentrix Practice Advisor and the Daily Huddle Reports.