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How many times has a patient come into your office and asked if you will bill their medical insurance for a procedure? Most offices usually respond by saying, “No”.  This usually is because the office does not know how to bill dental procedures to medical insurance companies. If you provide any of these services below, then the answer to billing medical insurance should be YES!

Services that Can be Billed to Medical Insurance

Dental Sleep Medicine (Sleep Apnea Appliances) Implants / Oral Surgery
TMJ Disorder Treatment & Appliances Medicare for Dental Sleep Medicine
Sinus Lifts / Maxillary & Mandibular Bone Grafts Mucositis
Frenectomy for Infant Tongue Ties Oral Cancer Screening
Guided Tissue Regeneration / Periodontal Oral Systemic Infection
Botox Injections for Painful Bruxism Cone Beam CBCT

Billing Medical Insurance in your Dental Practice Can:

Dentrix includes a medical insurance cross-coding system that allows you to quickly bill both medical and dental carriers for the same procedures. The medical insurance feature gives you the flexibility to flag certain dental procedures as billable to medical insurance and cross-reference the ADA code with the appropriate AMA-CPT, ICD-10, modifier and service codes.

The medical cross coding system allows you to cross-reference an ADA code with the corresponding medical codes. In addition, you can cross-reference the ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes with the corresponding AMA CPT code from the Medical Cross Coding Setup utility. 

Use Dentrix to easily bill your dental procedures to medical insurance companies and say yes to billing medical procedures in your office!

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