You have rounded the last curve and are staring down the final stretch with the end of the year in sight. This is when you need to break into a full sprint with every hope of reaching the finish line with a burst of production that puts you beyond your year-end production goal.

Office Manager at Front Desk

But how?

You feel certain many patients who have been diagnosed with treatment this year have not scheduled that treatment. You also know there are a ton of unused insurance benefits patients will lose if they don’t schedule before the end of the year when their insurance plan benefits will renew. It’s a perfect time to reach out to those patients, fill your schedule, and help them maximize their insurance benefits for this year … if only you knew who all those patients were!

The magic report

Well, there’s great news! The Treatment Manager was designed with just this dilemma in mind. You can run this report for any date range of diagnosed treatment. The report will display patients who have benefits remaining and even include the Dental Insurance Renewal month so you can catch those who need to use their benefits before the end of the year.

Use the columns to easily maneuver and sort through the patient’s report to identify whether he/she would be a good candidate to fit your scheduling needs. And the best part? Your patients will appreciate your reminder they may have unused remaining insurance benefits they’ll otherwise lose.

Your phone call script

Once you have identified the right patient to contact, you may call them and try something like, “Hello Mrs. Jones, I noticed that you have some unused insurance benefits remaining for this year. We would hate to see you lose the benefits you have paid for. This treatment will help you maintain your optimum oral health and needs to be started as soon as possible. I have an opening next week. We could get started and maximize your benefits for this year. Then you’ll still have next year’s benefits to use toward completing your treatment needs. This would be a huge cost savings to you. Does next week work for you?”

You have filled your schedule and made a happy patient in a matter of minutes.

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